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Operation Recovery

Ian Patterson tells his organization's story and their amazing work

In episode 11, we sit down with Ian Patterson from Operation Recovery to discuss the fall of Kabul, subsequent evacuation work, and the mental toll it took on volunteers. Ian also introduces us to the Heroes Wellness Collective, a central collection of mental health resources for veterans with the goal of offering rapid and meaningful responses to requests for support.  

You can learn more about Operation Recovery here:

 And about the Heroes Wellness Collective here:

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Shoulder to Shoulder: Untold Stories From A Forgotten War
Aim to bridge the civil-military gap through frank discussions about the War on Terror and those affected by it: from the soldiers who fought, to the spouses they left, to the volunteers still tirelessly working to support those allies left behind. In standing shoulder to shoulder with all those impacted, this podcast offers a safe space for candor and healing.