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Global Friends of Afghanistan

It's Not Over For Them

It’s episode 9, and Will Selber is riding solo (G*d, help us all). Luckily, he was joined by some amazing guests—Major Jason Howk (retired) and Colonel John Agoglia (retired) - to chat about their work planning combat operations in Afghanistan; their efforts to rebuild the country in partnership with the United Nations; the impact of the Donn and Doha Agreements; and the critical need for counterinsurgency training. We also get to hear about their work with Global Friends of Afghanistan, a nonprofit focusing on development in Afghanistan.

Grumpy Combat Veteran + Friends
Shoulder to Shoulder: Untold Stories From A Forgotten War
Aim to bridge the civil-military gap through frank discussions about the War on Terror and those affected by it: from the soldiers who fought, to the spouses they left, to the volunteers still tirelessly working to support those allies left behind. In standing shoulder to shoulder with all those impacted, this podcast offers a safe space for candor and healing.
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