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A Relentless Warrior for Veterans

Dr. Tia Corbin-Myers' service is inspiring for all

Episode 12 with Dr. Tia Corbin-Myers showcases the many challenges veterans face after leaving service.  With candor and grace, she discusses the challenges in finding employment post-service; her decision to spend four years as a contractor in Afghanistan to support her young family; and her ongoing efforts to launch a housing/reentry program for homeless veterans.

Grumpy Combat Veteran + Friends
Shoulder to Shoulder: Untold Stories From A Forgotten War
Aim to bridge the civil-military gap through frank discussions about the War on Terror and those affected by it: from the soldiers who fought, to the spouses they left, to the volunteers still tirelessly working to support those allies left behind. In standing shoulder to shoulder with all those impacted, this podcast offers a safe space for candor and healing.
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